Dear users! Due to the big amount of fake organizations which use PIPSEC brand in illegal way and offer refund services, we want to pay your attention that the only official domain of PIPSEC agency is PIPSEC.ORG

Private Investor Protection for Securities and Exchange Independent Registration for Financial Service Companies

Independent PIPSEC Registration

Registration for financial service providers means that an independent organization has reviewed the financial service provider's company and has independently determined that the Financial Service Provider complies with specific standards for transparency, liquidity and performance.  This review typically includes comprehensive formulation/material reviews.  Most Registered Financial Service Providers bear the certifier’s mark on their website to help clients and other buyers make educated decisions with whom to trade.


PIPSEC is recognized by agencies and clients at an international level, PIPSEC Registration from PIPSEC demonstrates that the financial service provider complies with all standard requirements. PIPSEC obtains, periodic audits and tests to verify that the Registered Financial Service Provider continues to comply with these standards. 


Why Do Companies Seek PIPSEC Registration?


Independent licensing and certification through PIPSEC helps organizations:


  • Demonstrate compliance with PIPSEC international standards

  • Demonstrate independent validation and verification of their commitment to client confidence and safety of client funds

  • Increase credibility and acceptance with clients and regulators

  • Benefit from enhanced client confidence.

Mediation Services

Using Mediation to Reach a Settlement 

Mediation is a much different type of ADR proceeding. Unlike arbitration, it does not involve an adversarial hearing, and there is no decision-making official present. Instead, the parties involved in the dispute are brought together and a neutral facilitator acts as a go-between. The job of the mediator is to help the parties reach a voluntary settlement of the case.


For litigants and attorneys who have become antagonistic toward each other over the course of the litigation, or who have unrealistic expectations concerning the outcome of the case, mediation may be their only chance to avoid having to go to trial. 

A typical mediation begins with everyone meeting in the same room, and each party giving a short presentation to the mediator. The purpose of the presentation is to give an overview of the facts and impress upon the mediator the relative strength of that party’s case. The parties then split up into two rooms. The mediator goes back and forth between the rooms, personally relaying the parties’ settlement offers and responses. Parties can share information with the mediator in confidence, and the mediator will give the parties his or her own thoughts about the case. In the end, the goal is for the parties to agree on how the case should be resolved.