Dear users! Due to the big amount of fake organizations which use PIPSEC brand in illegal way and offer refund services, we want to pay your attention that the only official domain of PIPSEC agency is PIPSEC.ORG

Private Investor Protection for Securities and Exchange Independent Registration for Financial Service Companies

Our goal is to provide traders with security while making deals on a market. To achieve it we use the process of broker certification.
The license confirms the accordance of the company to all necessary criteria. We propose you the entire information and provide with relevant documentation, that allows you to start a successful activity.

Please, read this information accurately to understand our point of view according to your private data and to clear out how we will use it. Why? Because we have to give our clients only relevant information. So you have some member’s responsibilities to follow.

To get the license follow some steps below:

- You need to apply for license in appropriate form
- Provide all documents (certificate, sample of contract)
- Form a treaty on the basis of new work conditions, according to certificate
- Make an input for service of certification