Dear users! Due to the big amount of fake organizations which use PIPSEC brand in illegal way and offer refund services, we want to pay your attention that the only official domain of PIPSEC agency is PIPSEC.ORG

Private Investor Protection for Securities and Exchange Independent Registration for Financial Service Companies

Your ongoing PIPSEC Registration Obligations:


As an PIPSEC Registered Company, you have a general obligation to do all things necessary to ensure that you provide your financial services efficiently, honestly and fairly.


You have specific obligations to inform PIPSEC Limited in writing if any of the below standards are compromised:


·       minimum equity of the principles and/or company of 35,000 USD

·       the competence, knowledge and skills of your responsible managers, as well as their good fame and character

·       the training and competence of your representatives and authorised representatives.

·       the compliance according to international standard of the corporation.

·       compliance, managing conflicts of interest and risk management..

·       the adequacy of your financial, technological and human resources.

·       your dispute resolution services


PIPSEC reserves the right to revoke the registration if the entity receives more than 3 unique complaints within a 3 month period.


Dispute Resolution


You must inform us in writing within 3 business days when your membership of an dispute resolution scheme (DRS) ceases. This includes circumstances where:


·       the DRS is no longer operating

·       you fail to renew your membership of the DRS, or

·       the DRS has terminated your membership of the DRS.


You must also agree to advise us of the details of the new DRS(s) you intend to or have joined (including the date the membership commences and the name of the DRS).